I am allergic to nuts. Does your oil contain any nuts?

Her Roots formula contains Organic Argan and Sweet Almond oil derived from nuts. If you like to buy a nut-free formula, please email Help@herrootshaircare.com. 

Can men also use this oil?

Absolutely! Hair follicles do not have a genetic marker requiring a different product type for a specific gender. Men can also use Her Roots Hair Growth Oil. 

When should I be expecting to see results?

Improvement in hair growth and density is contingent upon your consistency of hair oiling ( 2-3x a week) and on a nourishing diet and addressing health concerns. 

I have a skin condition; can I still use it? 

If you have dermatitis or psoriasis, I would suggest you consult a dermatologist before using this oil. If you are prone to flareups, I highly recommend against using oils. Always do a patch test for safety! 

How many times a week should I use this oil? 

It is highly recommended to use Her Roots Hair Growth Oil at least 2-3x a week to achieve optimal results. 

How long do I keep the oil in my hair? 

You can keep it on for 2-4 hours.